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개발자: huabao Shenzhen
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O-CAR is customized mobile software for OBD (on-board diagnositics). It has many functions, such as vehicle management, OBD management, vehicle examination, clear fault codes, fuel consumption statistics, driving record, tripmanagement, alarm management, real-time alarm obtain, record of working status, location services, location on map, track playback,and so on.
OBD is a vehicle networking and intellgient terminal, which is a blend of location technology, wireless communication technology and diagnostic technology.It can get information of cars working status, analytical application,
fault diagnosis and information interaction of external network.

Its core functions are as belows:
1. Check the vehicle engine and reports
2. Detection and clear fault codes
3. Display dynamic data of engine
4. Driving Report
5. Fuel / mileage statistics
6. abnormal driving alarm and record
7. Alarm warning via SMS
8. Driving behavior analysis and evaluation
9. Real time positioning
10. Trace playback